OJS 3 : Assign editor email sent when new submission is received

Hi there,

We’ve recently upgraded to and can’t solve a problem with emails being sent when a new submission is deposited into the system.

The following email is sent, including to to users who only have the roles: Author, Reader, Reviewer. How can we stop this from happening? If we set a section editor will this stop these emails from being sent to all our users?

You have a new notification from [journal article]:

A new article has been submitted to which an editor needs to be assigned.

Link: ….

Was there any solution found for this issue? Do not want to create a different topic.

Hi all,

First off, I would suggest upgrading to a newer release – several notification-related tweaks have already gone into OJS 3.x since 3.0.2. If it’s still an issue with the latest release, please follow-up here.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

Thanks Alec,

We are not on 3.1 yet but aim to upgrade soon. We’ll report any issues with notifications if we discover them.

@NadineWubbeling since we set a section editor we’ve not had any users report these emails.