OJS 3 Articles appearing in the wrong section in the Table of Contents

Hi, we’re using OJS 3. I recently uploaded a number of back issues using OJS 3 Quick Submit which worked well. This particular issue has three sections (that I created): Articles/ Special/ Opinion and I selected the appropriate section in Quick Submit. However after I published and assigned DOIs I noticed that several of the articles assigned to ‘articles’ are now filed under the ‘special’ section on the table of contents.
On checking the metadata those articles still have article as the nominated section and when you go to the abstract page on the published site it states the section as article. I can see no reason why OJS has place them under Special on the contents list when they should be under articles?

Does anyone have any ideas how I can fix this?

Sounds like this: [OJS] QuickSubmit in OJS3 breaks custom_section_orders · Issue #2376 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub

You can fix it by removing all entries concerning the issue from the custom_section_order table.

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Thank you ajnyga, ‘weird stuff’ indeed. I removed one article (that was placed in the wrong section) then republished it. When I clicked done all the articles that were in the wrong section (Not just that one) went back to their correct place. I still can’t work out why this happened and why it happened to just one of over ten back issues I loaded but at least the editors will be happy for now.

Thanks again.

Maybe you could try defstat’s fix in github? In case you will add more issues later?