OJS 3 - a colour for the header


Our OJS is OJS 3, and I’m trying to change a colour for the header through the “Colour” function under Website Settings - Appearance - Theme. Even if I choose a colour, it doesn’t affect the header on the live site. (See the attached image)

How can I change a colour for the header without editing StyleSheet.css?


Which version of OJS are you using?

If you use OJS version 3.1.x, when you make changes to the OJS color settings, the header colors in your journal must also change.


Hi Clear the cache of your browser. It will be shown.

Our version Should it work for that?

It seems it works…after I removed a Style Sheet, I could change the header color. It seems the Style Sheet contains the previous color code, so even if I tried to change the header color, the Style Sheet wouldn’t allow me to do so. Is it correct?

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