[OJS] [Solved] File/Galley buttons 'overflowing'/going over the margins

Describe the issue or problem
One of our journals uploads for files per article. The buttons for these files don’t go to a newline, as expected, but instead are all put on one line, ‘overflowing’ the room they have in the template (see the image)

The page can be viewed here.

What application are you using?
For example, OJS

Has anyone else had this problem? Has anyone found a fix, even a temporary one using a CSS stylesheet?

Hi @KayWP, in the CSS it looks like the issue is in .obj_article_details .galleys_links, which has flex-flow: row nowrap.

One option could be trying something like:

.obj_article_details .galleys_links {
    flex-flow: column wrap;

…in a custom CSS file, which should create stacked buttons instead:

You can read more about the options in this flex-flow documentation if you want to try something different.

Thank you Kaitlin, that’s very useful and worked. Good to have a manual but manageable fix like this.