[OJS 3.3.x] Translation of help files - *.md

Hello all, @mtub ,

We noticed a small issue with OJS 3.3 after upgrade.
The help files are in Portugal’s Portuguese.
Is there a way to add Brazilian Portuguese?
I noticed the folders are only 2 characters for each language.
Should we create a br/ or pt_pr/ or pt-br/ ?

Hi @ramon,

In order to have a translation of these files a new translation for Brazilian Portuguese would have to be contributed, as part of the OJS user guide: GitHub - pkp/ojs-user-guide: OJS User Guide

We would certainly welcome a contribution for Brazilian Portuguese were it something that you or others would be willing to contribute.

Best regards,

PKP Team

Hello @rcgillis,

We are definitely willing to translate the help files.
How do we proceed?
Do we edit via GitHub (we don’t have direct access to GitHub on our network, and it’s a nightmare to have our IT enable it) or some other interface, or manually via shell and send you a package?

Hi @ramon,

You could write the file(s) separately potentially use the web interface of github and contribute that way via a pull request. That would save you from having to manage and install Git directly on your infrastructure.


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