OJS 3.3 Scopus/CrossRef Citation with no results

I am having problems of previewing citations after activating Citations Plugin. CrossRef activated Cited-by for our journal. I have entered the correct ID and Password at Setting. Even, the most cited papers seem to have zero citations

There seems to be citations on PlumX plugin
Ekran Resmi 2022-04-23 00.20.30

However, there is Zero Citations on Plugin

Ekran Resmi 2022-04-23 00.21.41

I am using the OJS and PHP version 7.4.29

I contacted with CrossRep Support, and they confirmed there is no problem with activation of Cited By for my journal.

Here is a sample article

I need your kind help and guidance.

Best Regards

Hello @ssbfnet,

You may want to have a look at this post here - it describes a similar situation: Scopus/Crossref plugin: Not getting all citations from Scopus with the plugin

PKP Team

I am have similar troubles, so I added the credencials correct for crossref and the APis for Scopus, but i don’t see the any only cero for the citation. For see the Crossrefe citation I have to deposit to crossrefe all references for each doi in this place https://apps.crossref.org/SimpleTextQuery/
here an example

Thank you for the informaiton. I have deposited all DOIs with references. But, there is still the same problem.

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