OJS 3.3: how to export JATS XML files to indexers?

Using with JATS XML and JATS Metadata plugins updated and active.

One of my journal editors is being asked by HeinOnline to supply their articles in JATS XML format for indexing (apparently, HeinOnline can’t harvest it themselves). How can we manually export JATS XML files?

Hi @tmrozewski,

Is this only article’s metadata in JATS format that you need to export or article’s full-text?

@Vitaliy just the metadata, thanks!

Try JATS Template plugin: Releases · pkp/jatsTemplate · GitHub (installation from a plugin gallery is also available)

Thanks, @Vitaliy - I wasn’t clear in my original post but that’s one of the plugins that I already have installed, upgraded, and activated. I don’t see how it’s possible to produce the XML file using this plugin.