[OJS] Script to delete multiple journals from CLI tools

Hi everyone, some years ago I asked in this awesome forum how to create an PHP script for deleting multiple journals using de CLI tools for OJS 2.4.6, well again I am here to ask how to implement a new script to delete multiple journals on OJS

I have the task to extract a single journal from a multiple journals OJS; however instead of use the delete journal button from admin panel, I want to use a script to make it.

I am reviewing the JournalDAO.inc.php file, and I have found the deleteAllPubIds function, so I suppose that I could copy this method and use the tools/deleteSubmissions.php as base to create another file deleteJournals.php; however, should I use some other functions, for example to remove de journal directory in the files_dir and public directory?

I appreciate if someone from PKP could guide me in this. Thanks in advance.