OJS Cannot select email-template when assigning reviewer

In OJS Version one could choose via a dropdown which email template to send to the reviewer when assigning him.
In OJS Version a template is chosen by default.
Can anyone confirm this behavior and if this is by design or if it is a bug?


Hi @felixhelix,

Which template do you see? How does it read (even if you could post a snippet of it here, so I could verify)?

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PKP Team

Hi @felixhelix,

The default configuration on OJS 3.1.2 also prompts the single reviewer request unless you have added an additional email template.


If you add an additional review template on OJS this should also prompt you to select which review template you want to use for your reviewer request.


I hope that this clarification is helpful, but please let me know if you have any additional questions.

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Thanks for your replies @pmangahis and @rcgillis!

I compared again the behavior under OJS Version and It seems that the behavior under was to give a list of all templates, while under there is a standard template selected and all additional custom templates. That is, if the user has only changed system templates and (mis-)used them and not added custom templates,with the update he has lost the option to choose.
Could this be the case?
Anyway, I already asked our users to create custom templates from now on. So that should work :slightly_smiling_face: