[OJS] When I publish an issue not all the articles appear

Hi everyone!

When I publish the current issue, not all the articles appear.
This issue in particular is a bit extensive compared to the usual issues we publish. So I’m wondering if maybe that’s the problem. Is there a limit in OJS?

When I preview the articles everything looks right. Same when I preview the issue as a whole. I’ve tried at least ten times to publish the new issue, and our OJS only publishes half of the articles. I’ve tried reducing the weight by deleting a few files but, while now I can visualize more articles, a few are still missing.

Any advice?

You may have manually selected the article publication date? If the date is after the publication date, the article will not appear on the site.

I thought about that. But it’s not the case. I even tried manually setting the date, and date prior. But, none of that work.

If you share more screenshots and information maybe we can help. It is very difficult to say anything definite without examining the articles.

The current issue has 15 entries.

When I look at the preview I can see all the articles:

But when I publish it I can see only a few.

And if I add the pdf version of the whole issue when published the system just show like 3 entries.

The preview images show that everything is ok.

Can you try to publish the articles by changing the Sections?
If you deleted or made changes to the sections, it may have caused this.

Do you see an error in the Server/Hosting logs?

Thank you so much for your time and help. :slight_smile:

There were no recent changes in any section, but I tried deleting the whole issue and reordering the sections, and it worked. Now I can see all the articles.

Thanks again,

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