OJS 3.3.0-7 Unable to create custom page

I am trying to make a paymethod plugin for OJS 3.3.0-7 and want to set up custom pages. I am following the example here Example - Add Custom Page - Plugin Guide for OJS and OMP. I think I have done everything correctly but I am getting the error below


The URL I am accessing is http://localhost:8000/index.php/jmar/stripePages

I have just pushed all the code to github https://github.com/otuoma/ojs-stripe

I want to be able to send requests from the front-end to the back-end via ajax and display the response to the front-end. I have looked at the code in lib/pkp/classes/core/PKPPageRouter.inc.php at lines 202 to 209.

// If a hook has been registered to handle this page, give it the
        // opportunity to load required resources and set HANDLER_CLASS.
        if (!HookRegistry::call('LoadHandler', array(&$page, &$op, &$sourceFile))) {
            if (file_exists($sourceFile)) require('./'.$sourceFile);
            elseif (file_exists(PKP_LIB_PATH . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $sourceFile))
                require('.' . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . PKP_LIB_PATH . DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR . $sourceFile);
            elseif (empty($page)) require(ROUTER_DEFAULT_PAGE);
            else {
                $dispatcher = $this->getDispatcher();

This code does not seem to be loading handlers declared in plugin directories, but I could be wrong. Yet I can not edit the file because it is outside my plugin directory.

I appreciate any help on this in advance.

I too have exactly the same problem.

The list of methods available from the page handler is blank but there are no references in the examples in the documentation.

Any ideas?