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Hi to all!
I would need clarification on new submissions that are not listing to me in the unassigned section. How come? I don’t have any particular errors to report are that they don’t go there, did I forget something to set in OJS?

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Hi @Tiziano

I’m not sure if you have other editors in your installation, but OJS will automatically assign an editor if a submission is made to a section in which there is one and only one section editor. In that case, the new submission will go into that editor’s assigned queue, not the unassigned one.


Hi @jnugent

I also experienced the same thing that was experienced @Tiziano , I have previously made a post regarding this issue:

To make sure I installed the new OJS version and simulated the submission process, the simulation I did involve 3 users, such as Author, Journal Editor, and Journal Manager.

The process that I did:

→ When the author’s submission process was successful, I did not find the submission lists in the Unassigned menu in the Journal Manager user.
→ Then with the Journal Manager user, I added assigned an Editor, and when I tried to log in with the user Editor I also did not find a new submission list on the Unassigned Menu.


Hi @jnugent ,

I can confirm the same issue. Just upgraded to the and no submissions appear in the unassigned tab.

I can confirm there are some unassigned submissions and they were properly presented in the OJS before the upgrade.

Also newly submitted submissions don’t appear in the unassigned tab, although they are not assigned to any editor.

Regards, Primož

Hi @jnugent ,

Maybe few more items to help debugging it:

  • I upgraded from
  • PHP is 7.4.3
  • mysql is 8.0.23-0ubuntu0.20.04.1
  • I have access to the database, so if you can provide me with the SQL statement that is executed to get the Unnasigned submissions list, I can execute it if it helps

Regards, Primož

Hi @jnugent ,

I am quite sure this is a bug. I checked your demo installation and you can see the same behavior there: https://demo.publicknowledgeproject.org/ojs3/testdrive/index.php/testdrive-journal/submissions#unassigned

Hope you will have time to look at it and I would assume the fix is not so difficult.

Regards, Primož

Hi @primozs and @Tiziano

It seems that the default behaviour may have changed in OJS 3.3. I just created a test submission in our PKP testdrive site, and the submission ends up in two places:

  1. There is a notification for all of the journal editors now, indicating that there is a new submission that needs an editor. Here are two user accounts that have it:

Screenshot at 2021-04-26 09-10-47 Screenshot at 2021-04-26 09-09-50

And the submission now ends up in the “All Active” tab, not the Unassigned one:

Screenshot at 2021-04-26 09-11-10

So it seems that even though there is no editor assigned, it’s considered active. I’ll ping @NateWr on this one, just to confirm if this is now correct behaviour. This test submission was made to the Articles section, and there are no Section Editors assigned to it by default, and certainly more than one editor in the journal.


Hi @jnugent

Thank you for looking into this. The behaviour you explained is the same as in previous versions, except the article is missing in the Unnasigned tab. As you can see I have already reproduced this on the PKP demo site as well.
The documentation also states the submissions without an assigned editor should appear in the Unassigned tab: Editorial Workflow

So I am quite sure this is a bug that requires developers to look at. And my feeling is the fix should not be complicated.

Regards, Primož

I was able to reproduce this so it’s a bug. You can follow updates at [OJS] Unassigned submission list not working · Issue #6979 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.

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Hi @primozs , @NateWr , @jnugent , @Yoga
I thank you all for the support, and the explanation, then I will wait for a patch to fix the problem.

To the next!