Ojs submission process

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I need help with the article submission issue. After submitting the article, now it is in the stage of “Scheduled” for publication. Please find the below attached image. Kindly guide me on what is the next process? And also please tell me How do I know if a journal is indexed by OJS?

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Hi @Prema,

You may want to have a look at our Learning OJS 3 documentation:
Learning OJS 3.3: A Visual Guide to Open Journal Systems - in particular the Editorial Workflow and Production and Publication sections will be most helpful. There is also the PKP school guide on the Editorial workflow in OJS: Editorial Workflow in OJS 3.3 – PKP School (and the PKP school courses in general are helpful).

Please note that OJS does not do “indexing” of journals - rather, it is often the case that journals are indexed by external indexing services. Often times, journals have to have several issues published before indexing services will begin indexing them. We also have some guidance on this in our “Discoverability and Sustainability” section of our documentation: https://docs.pkp.sfu.ca/ - in particular, the Getting Found/Staying Found, DOAJ guide, and Google Scholar guide, may prove most helpful. Sorry to overwhelm you with resources, but if you’re new to OJS (or even re-acquainting yourself with it), I’d highly recommend spending some time with this documentation before starting to indexing, in order to gain a better understanding of what’s involved.

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PKP Team