[OJS and] Partial expiry subscriptions: galley links appear locked in issue view but unlocked in article view

An institutional subscriber with IP range validation has an expired subscription. The journal policy is set to partial subscription. When the subscriber looks at the issue table of contents for an issue to which they still have access after expiry, the galley links appear pink and have the lock icon. However, they can click the link for either of the galleys and, despite the locked icon, can access the galley file. When they click on the same article’s title to view the metadata page, the galley links appear blue and unlocked.

This behaviour was reported by an expired institutional subscriber for one of my journals running I have replicated the error in my sandboxes for OJS and OJS (the screenshots below are from I did this by creating a one-day institutional subscription for my IP range and letting it expire.

Here is a screenshot from the issue ToC:

Here is a screenshot of the same article, viewed on its metadata page:

The sites behaved and provided access as would be expected, both when the subscription was active and after it expired. The only problem is that the wrong icon appears in the ToC view, which will give institutional users the impression that they can’t access materials.

Hopefully this is a clear explanation!