[OJS 3.3.0-14] Developing a plugin for PDF visualization

Hi all,

We’re developing and thinking some ideas for a new PDF pre-visualization plugin on workflow so We have some doubts about implementation.

We need retrieve the url of the file. We could get the file but force download and only want access to the file, Is there any other way to do that?



I’m making progress with the plugin but I’m still stuck on some aspects.
It was possible to embed a PDF in one of the settings modals but I was unable to replicate it within the workflow. I don’t realize what is missing for it to work.
I can’t fix the error that the request fails or it is invalid JSON.
At the same time, ask them how to access the file since I was only able to replicate the download through the API link but I did not find a direct link to embed it.


Thank you, in advance

In Installed Plugins page , the visualization of modal that we want to replicate is functional and look like:

The repositoy with code of plugin is: