OJS - Problem with Submissions - Won't automatically assign to our sole Editor

Hello there from a first time forum user,

Describe the issue or problem
Loss of ability of Editor to Decline Submission (Now has to assign themselves as Editor)

Steps I took leading up to the issue

  1. I am the Journal Manager of OJS journal running We have just had a change of Editor with a brief period in which the outgoing and incoming Editors were both simultaneously assigned as Journal Editors. When viewing a new submission they reported that an ‘Assign an editor to enable the editorial decisions for this stage’ message has appeared in place of the usual buttons that included ‘Send for Review’ and ‘Decline Submission’. I get to see this too when I log in as Journal Manager. None of us recall seeing this message before in our previous experience of OJS.

  2. The incoming editor is finding having to assign themselves as Editor in order to individually desk reject/decline the many submissions we receive cumbersome and unwieldy.

  3. After looking at some forum posts, I thought that because there there was more than one person/account assigned as Journal Editor that this explained why new submissions are not automatically assigned to the Journal Editor with the button to ‘Decline Submission’ among the default options.

  4. I have now ensured that the new Editor’s account is only account box-ticked to have Journal Editor privileges. I have also ensured there’s no one assigned as a ‘Production Editor’ as well but the message instruction to assign an Editor keeps appearing.

  5. Having checked the documentation and the latest (I think) PKP video to review the process again (Editorial workflow in OJS 3.3. Module 4: Responding to a submission - YouTube) - I am at a loss to how this can be fixed.

  6. We are using OJS (October 10, 2022 - 12:19 PM)

Could anyone please advise as how best to proceed? Is there something clear and obvious that I’m overlooking? Any help greatly appreciated.

Many thanks,
Kieran R

Hi @krankin,

Thank you for your post and explaining your situation in such helpful detail. I wonder if what might help in this case is reviewing who is assigned to each section. For example, if you go to Journal → Sections, and then under a given section, you assess which editors are assigned to a given section. I wonder if this might be impacting how you are seeing your options? I’m not 100% sure, but it may be worth a try…

PKP Team

Thanks very much for getting back, Roger. Will explore what you suggest - we have several Section Editors. Perhaps the situation may also reset somehow via the next scheduled upgrade too. Will also keep an eye on this thread if someone has other possible suggestions.

Many thanks,
Kieran R

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