[OJS 3.3.0-13] Fill out "Name of file" field in form to upload galleys in _all_ languages automatically

Describe the problem you would like to solve
Our Production Editor, who uploads the final galleys, encounters the error message “This field is required.”, because in our multi-language installation (English and German) the first language field must be filled, but in about half of the uploads only the second language field is automatically filled with the filename of the galley upload (see Screenshot).

Describe the solution you’d like
Please fill all language dependant fields of “Name of file” in form to upload galleys automatically with the file name of the uploaded galley.

Who is asking for this feature?
Production Editor.

Additional information
Error message and proof, that only the second field is filled out automatically:


Hi @twa,

Please have a look at e.g. [OJS] Galley of a submission with a different language requires the filename in all languages · Issue #6859 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub – there are a few related issues with discussions and some fixes. I wouldn’t suggest auto-filling metadata from other languages, as it’ll “poison” the metadata.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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I completely agree, that auto-filling metadata from other languages is “poisonous”, but I was talking about the very first fill of all languages of the name field, which is the file name. There will be no other file name for any other language.

But I’ll take a look at your link. Thanks!