[OJS 3.2.x] Citation Style Language Customization Tip

Not a question, just a tip.

If you want to hack the way citations appear in the “How to Cite” box for each article, then go to the Citation Style Language directory (ojs\plugins\generic\citationStyleLanguage\citation-styles) and edit the style guides’ code manually.

Be sure to make a copy of the file before you edit it just in case you make a mistake.

For instance, to remove the “Retrieved from” text before the URL at the end of the APA citations, edit the APA.csl file and remove this code (3 instances):

text term=“retrieved” text-case=“capitalize-first” suffix=" “/
text term=“from” suffix=” "/

You’ll have to figure out any other changes that you need to make if you want to get the APA output a little closer to the 7th edition. The “Retrieved from” text is the only thing that stands out other than capitalization of titles. I mean, there’s a way to make all of the text lowercase after the first word, but you might have a proper noun or acronym in the title that needs to have uppercase letters. You may also have a colon in the title. Therefore, it’s best to not bother with editing that.

Good luck.