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My goal is to make the modified version of the Forthcoming article plugin work smoothly with OJS 3.2. Regarding the issue my question would be the following. I already managed to show a form on the Submission Workflow tab with a checkbox but I am unable to save changes. How could manage to save changes in a database table made for this purpose? Also, if the checkbox isn’t checked, the value should be deleted from the database table.

You can check out my code here:

Is this a modification of GitHub - ajnyga/forthcoming: OJS3 plugin for showing forthcoming articles ?

If so, you will want to fork the original plugin on GitHub from ajnyga’s repository to your own, rather than copying the files and re-adding them in GitHub. This helps to track changes and facilitates merging code back into the original repository.

To do this, use the “Fork” button in the upper right of GitHub - ajnyga/forthcoming: OJS3 plugin for showing forthcoming articles to create a fork in your user space. Then, clone your forked repo, and copy the files you’ve been working on into that clone. You’ll then be able to commit the changes and we’ll have a clear picture of what has been modified and we can advise you on why the save isn’t working.

Thank you for the advice, I’m going to take it.Actually my question is how can I make this plugin GitHub - ajnyga/forthcoming: OJS3 plugin for showing forthcoming articles work with OJS 3.2?

Thanks in advance!

The 3.2 Release Notebook describes the changes in 3.2.

I can confess to not being up to date myself with porting a plugin from 3.1.2 to 3.2, but for example, based on:
I suspect that this articledao hook is probably renamed in 3.2:

You might approach this by reading through the release notebook and the plugin code, or you might install the plugin manually in a 3.2 install, try it out, and fix bugs as you encounter them.

You can also look at what changes other plugins had to make to move to 3.2:

If you open an issue on GitHub - ajnyga/forthcoming: OJS3 plugin for showing forthcoming articles , you’ll probably get additional interest and advice.

Hi, @ctgraham @balazs95
I have try the latest version but that is not working on OJS 3.2.

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Any information about Forthcoming plugin for Open Journal Systems

Dear all,

I have done the upgrade from to Would like to know whether there will be any upgrade for the forthcoming plugin for the OJS 3.3? I have tried installing it is not supported. Thank you