OJS 3.2 colour picker - site colour changes take a LONG time to show up on front end

I’m running OJS 3.2 and have had this problem with a few journals: when I change the site colour at Settings > Website > Appearance > Theme > Colour, the changes often take more than a day to appear on the front end of the site.

This is related to the issue raised at OJS 3 - a colour for the header but I’d note that the changes do generally seem to show up on the site after several days.

What’s going on here, and is there anything we can do to expedite the changes on the front end?

Hi @tmrozewski,

Have you tried clearing the template and data caches to see if that makes a difference?


I just did but it did not push the changes through. I also just tried changing the colour in the picker after clearing those caches and it didn’t make a difference.

Hi @tmrozewski,

Hmm… do you have access to your error logs to be able to see if there is anything noting what is going on here?


I’ll talk to my IT team about having a look, thanks!

Nothing in the error logs but after discussing it with my IT team, I think it’s browser cache problem: in both Chrome and Firefox, I have to clear the browser cache to view the changes (just hitting refresh doesn’t do it). I’m running the latest versions of both on Windows 10; lots of extensions on FF but none on Chrome.

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