OJS display error in user menu

I just upgraded ojs 2 to ojs and I have 11,000 user data.
Overall the feature works well, it’s just that the user data that I have on the users menu page doesn’t appear. Below is the screenshot
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detail error
how can i resolve it?

Hi @RifqiSyams,

Are you able to display any outputs from your error logs that could help identify the problem? 11,000 users is a lot of users - that may be contributing to the issue.

PKP Staff

In the error log does not appear regarding the issue. I analyzed that it happened because in this version of OJS it displays all users (NaN). In previous versions the user interface was divided into several sections by default, initially only a list of 25 users appeared, then we could decide to display 25/50/100. Which lines of code can I change to make the user list view into pages?

Hi @RifqiSyams ,

In OJS 3 you can configure how many users, submissions, etc. appear on a page by going to Website Settings > Setup > Lists. This may not be why no users are appearing in your users list, but you can check the setting and see. I hope your issue has been resolved by now.

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project

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