OJS : cannot change header's colour or uploading logo

Hi, I do clean install for OJS
But I couldn’t change the colour for the header or adding logo. When I hit save “An unexpected error occurred. You may have been logged out. Please reload the page and try again.” popup showed.

on F12, I got this message in console :
Failed to load resource: https://myjournal.com/ojs/index.php/jurnal1/api/v1/contexts/2/theme - the server responded with a status of 404 (Not Found)

I’m using IIS for the server.

Any clue for this kind of problem?


Hi @Ardia,

Do you have access to your error logs? Do they tell you anything about what might be causing this issue?

PKP Team

Well, this is strange… I didn’t see any error log about OJS, even though couple of times I tried to do saving task that lead into “An unexpected error occurred.” popping out (change the header colour, change the Typography, and add logo).

But I’ll posting it here when the OJS-related error log show-up.

meanwhile here’s the screen shot of the error (from console) :

Hi @Ardia,

I meant your PHP Error log (if you have access to it). That often gives an indication as to the cause of these issues.

PKP Team

Yes, what I mean on “I didn’t see any error log about OJS” is on the PHP error log…
While to access the server(and error log) I need to connect through VPN, but I have bad connection lately. I’ll post it here when I have it.

Regards. :slight_smile: