OJS reviewer management broken

In OJS, I am seeing glitches in reviewer management. For example, a reviewer declined an invitation to review then later accepted the request to review (despite being logged as having declined.

In another case, a reviewer declined yet got a reminder.

Another issue I see sometimes is the submitted article file is not on the site and then I check later it appears.

I’m not sure if these are all manifestations of the same problem. Any idea where to look for a solution?

Hello @philipmach,

Can you clarify on this reviewer management issue further. Was the user removed as a reviewer? Perhaps you could share a redacted or blurred screenshot of what the reviewer sees (using the “Login as”) feature.

As for the submitted article file issue: can you post that in a different, separate post on the forum with more details? We try to keep forum threads confined to one topic, so as to not present confusion and address separate concerns individual.

Best regards,