[OJS] Portico plugin showing error message, but transfers files

Dear @asmecher ,

since my first post is closed, I’ll have to do a new one:

We switched to SFTP and when I check with FileZilla, the data is transfered correctly, but after the transfer is done, we still recieve the message in OJS
Unable to write file at location: JournalName_batch_2022-03-14-11-58-02.zip.
Bildschirmfoto 2022-03-16 um 08.07.39

We can also only transfer one issue at a time. Is this the normal “behaviour”?

We are running Portico plugin v1.1.1.3.

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Hi @twa,

The message “Unable to write file at location” comes from the 3rd-party library we use to do SFTP transfers, and indicates that something did go wrong with the transfer. I did test this toolset with Portico using both FTP and SFTP, and didn’t have the same problem, but it’s hard to know what’s happening beyond that.

The Portico plugin for OJS relies on the Flysystem library for file management, which in turn has an SFTP adapter (e.g. SFTP Adapter (V2) - Flysystem), which in turn relies on a library called phpseclib (GitHub - phpseclib/phpseclib: PHP Secure Communications Library) for a SFTP protocol implementation. I think you have two options for tracking this down:

  • Contact Portico to see if their logs indicate why the SFTP library is reporting a failure, or
  • Dive into the flysystem and phpseclib libraries to see what error condition they are encountering.

Unfortunately that might be a little complicated, and I can’t give you much guidance from here – those are 3rd party libraries. But you might start with adding error_log statements to the put and write functions in those libraries to determine where in the call stack you’re hitting a failure.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Hej @asmecher,

thanks for your answer. So I think, we’ll live with the error since the plugin transfers the data correctly, and wait for the behaviour, if we have updated OJS.