[OJS] ORCID error message when trying to update author metadata

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Hi @asmecher,
In one of the articles we published, the author did not enter the affiliation of the co-author at the time of submission. Whereas in the ORCID field, it is entered as “http://orcid.org”.
Now as an admin when I try to edit the affiliation field of the co-author and press save. It gives me the error message "ORCID is not valid Please enter complete ORICD. The problem is that I can not edit or delete the orcid field as it is disabled.
So, it does not save or update the metadata of the author.
Please help me on how to resolve this issue.
Thanks and regards

Hi @seisense,

Delete button is at the bottom of the co-author modal.

Please use it to clear the invalid id.

After that, you can change the affiliation.

I have added a small video snippet.
Generally, please get the most recent version of the plugin from the plugin gallery.

Hi @Dulip_Withanage,
I followed the steps yet it gives me the same error message (screenshot attached). I check marked the “Delete ORCID and access token” and click the save button. But it gives me the error message.
Screenshot 2020-07-26 18.04.59

In the version tables, it shows the following ORCID version installed.
Screenshot 2020-07-26 18.20.12

Hi @Dulip_Withanage
I am struggling with this problem. Have implemented your provided solution yet it does not resolve the problem.
Moreover, due to this issue article is not deposited to the Crossref as well. It gives the following validation error:

Validation errors:

Element ‘{http://www.crossref.org/schema/4.3.6}ORCID’: [facet ‘pattern’] The value ‘https://orcid.org/’ is not accepted by the pattern ‘https?://orcid.org/[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{4}-[0-9]{3}[X0-9]{1}’.

Element ‘{http://www.crossref.org/schema/4.3.6}ORCID’: ‘https://orcid.org/’ is not a valid value of the atomic type ‘{http://www.crossref.org/schema/4.3.6}orcid_t’.

Now I have two cases (articles with the same issue).
Looking forward to your reply.

Hi @seisense,

Let me have a look to it again and come back to you.

There is a possibility to this entry in the database under author_settings until I come back to you.