OJS - No author option when creating new account

When trying to register from the system’s “main page” (https://submission.scielo.br/index.php/index/user/register), the “author” role option doesn’t appear for the user, only the “reader” and “reviewer” options. I checked and the journals all have the “allow self registration” option enabled for the author role (I even tried “resetting” this option to no effect).

Are we missing something else?

There doesn’t seem to be a problem otherwise as we didn’t get any messages from the journals saying authors couldn’t register, so maybe there’s something we need to do so it appears in the system’s main page?

Hello Carolina!

Any reader is automatically registered as an author when they initiate a submission from the dashboard or submission page while logged in, eliminating the need for users to specifically select “Author” when registering. The option to submit will be available to all readers, so there is no need to change anything about your settings.

You can see more information about this here (since you are not the first to have questions about how this works):

I hope this helps!

Great, Emma, thank you!

Hello again, @EmmaU!

Actually… after taking a closer look at the Github ticket, it says:

Site-wide registrations provide a full selection of roles for self-registration since many possible journals/presses/preprint servers are listed in that case

Which is our case, but the author option’s still not listed:


It’s not really clear for the user that they’ll need to select the Reader role to also get the author role.

Thanks in advance!

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Going through other linked/related issues in Github, it seems the “Author” checkbox was intentionally eliminated from this page several updates ago but there isn’t any documentation to help explain this streamlined “Reader to Author permissions pipeline” for journals or readers. I think that some documentation updates or insertion of some in-app help text might be in order on our end - I’ve brought this issue up to a supervisor because I completely agree with you, there doesn’t seem to be any way for registrants or journals to know that this is how it works!

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