[OJS 3.2.1-1] - Is there a way to obtain listings of reviewers per year?

We produce listings of reviewers per year as requested by some organizations.

We usually do this by querying the db.

Is there a way to do this from the backend?

Thanks in advance for you reply.


Have you tried the Review Report under Tools > Report Generator? I’m not sure of all the details but I think that it provides a spreadsheet of review assignments and you may be able to calculate what you need from that.

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Hi @NateWr,
Thanks for your reply.
I thik that will suffice.

kind regards,

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Hello Nate and Jascanio,
How did you finally manage to pull out a list of reviewers from the system? I am having problems with this… very frustrating. I also need a list of reviewers to thank … Thanks for any insight on this issue.

Hi @Isteele.
You can do this under Tools-Statistics and then select Review Reports.
This will generate a CSV file, which will be downloaded to your PC. Includes all reviewers, dates, actions, etc.
You will want to import this file to Excel from its Data menu, selecting Text/CSV option
Then, once imported, you can handle the results using filtres, deleting columns which you don’t need, and so on.
Hope it helps.
Juan Ascanio

Hello Ascanio, sorry it takes me a while to get back to you… Unfortunately this report does not work well with me. Once imported this is what I see, which is a garbled, useless, excel sheet:

Screen Shot 2022-05-17 at 14.23.47

I still have no better way to pull out a list of people/reviewers with affiliation, email, specialties, etc… A big lack of information available in the system.
Thank you for taking time to get back to me, I really really appreciate it !!