OJS : adjust spacing and space after h2-headings (default theme)

Dear all,

In the default theme of OJS, there is quite a lot of space between the h2-headings and paragraph that follow the headings, as can be seen in this screenshot:


Some journals on our openjournals.nl-platform would like to adjust the spacing. I wonder if it is possible to reduce the amount of spacing between the h2-headings and the text below the headings by uploading a journal style sheet on the Settings > Website > Appearance-page. An additional question, however, is what code to add to the custom style sheet?

Thank you very much in advance,


Hi @HansSp,

What you might want to do is add some space settings for the specific elements identified by their ID. For example, for, this page:

You could identify the ID specific elements that you want to adjust the spacing for, using view-source, inspect element, or your browser tools:

#publication-frequency, #open-access-policy, archiving-policy, etc {


– all in a custom CSS, and then try determining the spacing that you’d like to see by reducing either the padding or margin settings in CSS.

What I would avoid is making any adjustments to the .pkp_structure_main h2 css settings, as this will have implications for other h2 settings on the site.

I’d also recommend having a look having a look at our documentation on this as well: Designing Your Journal

Best regards,

PKP Team