Ojs - Statistics - Editorial Activity is not working

I am using OJS Statistics the Editorial Activity is not working. I am just getting a blank page after clicking the editorial activity.

so any one can tell me what’s wrong?

Hi @Ali12,

Do you have access to your PHP error logs and are able to check for relevant error log messages, there? That might provide an indication of what is occurring here.

PKP Team

Hi @Ali12,

Note that your log posted above contained a MySQL password. I’ve removed it, but I would recommend changing your MySQL credentials (and anything else that might use that password). Please be careful not to accidentally share private details in logs.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

@asmecher Thank you for your comment.

@asmecher Thank you for reply and help.

Hi @Ali12,

I had already removed the password from the post above before I noted the risk, but just in case someone else had already seen or crawled this page, I would recommend changing the password anyway.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

@asmecher Thanks alot, the password has been changed.

Do you have an AdBlock on?

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Please can you guide for adblock, how we can On adblock? and if we On then you mean will work for Statistics the Editorial Activity?

Adblock is not an OJS plugin. Is a add-on for browsers that blocks annoying ads.

We had a similar problem here and turns out the Activity Log doesn’t work if you have an Adblock plugin installed. I’m not sure why, there is nothing suspicious on that request and I’m sure this is not some sort of personal block rule.
Here is one example:

Trying with Adblock ON. Keep loading forever.
ADblock ON

Trying with Adblock OFF
ADblock OFF

Request being blocked when the Adblock is ON.
Blocked Request

Thank you for explanation dear. But we have issue in statistics editorial activity. Our activity logs and notes are working.

We have the same issue. Did you solve the problem? Our statistics editorial activity and statistic counting both are are not working.