[OJS 3.2.0-3] Review forms not displaying title and description/instructions

I’ve made a new review form. This is what it should look like according to Settings > Workingflow > Review > Review Forms > Form Preview


This is what it looks like during the review process


as you can see the title and the description don’t match and display the general message instead. I tested it on two different 3.2.0-3 installations, trying to create multiple forms. Can you replicate this?

Hi @alaskadream,

Thanks for the description of the problem.

An issue has been filed regarding that. [Review Form not getting the correct title and description · Issue #5856 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub]

Stay tuned for a fix.



Dear Dimitris, thank you very much for your fix. Today I was able to implement it and it works.


Dear @alaskadream, great news.

I am glad your issue is fixed.
Don’t hesitate to post any other question you have, as you are working on OJS.


Is there any way to create sections with heading in Review form?