[OJS 3.2.0-3] Problem with Unpublish Issue after upgrade (with Postgres)

Hi @asmecher,
when we unpublished an Issue, all articles disappeared from the summary. The quantity of items was correct, showing the total number of articles, but when viewing the publication, it appeared empty, as in the images below:
29 41

When we clicked Edit, there was also no article.

So, my friend @diegojmacedo saw that in the file classes/services/SubmissionService.inc.php (line 151) the function getInSections was added that did not exist in version 3.1 and the function set the status ‘status’ => [STATUS_PUBLISHED, STATUS_SCHEDULED], which is the filter used in sql, so the query did not return those with status 1.
Then he added another parameter “STATUS_QUEUED” which is status = 1 when unpublishing. ‘status’ => [STATUS_PUBLISHED, STATUS_SCHEDULED, STATUS_QUEUED] and then the articles were displayed again when clicking Edit.

But when clicking on Preview, the issue remained empty. So it was necessary to click, article by article, on Unpublish and then on Schedule For Publication for it to appear again in the Preview and then in the Published Issue

Hi @Adriano_Jose,

Thanks for the work you’ve done on the issue you encountered and for the detailed description.
It seems that you found a glitch, that is described in [Publication and Submission State inconsistency · Issue #5837 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub].

Stay tuned for a fix.

Best Regards,

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