OJS fails to save edits of author details

Using OJS I have lost the ability to edit author details, as editor.

I can edit an existing author or add a new one but when I hit Save, nothing happens. I close the editor view and the changes are not there.

To do this I go into the Publication tab. Then Contributors. Edit one of them (or add a new one). Click Save. Close Edit Contributor then open again – nothing changed. Or if I add a new one, they are not there after I close.

Any ideas how I could fix this?

Update. I checked a day later and edits seemed to have stuck. Including some test edits I put in that I didn’t want. I edited again and the changes appeared not to stick so I will check later.

Could there be a latency issue between the frontend and database?

Hi @philipmach,

Check your PHP error log for details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team