[OJS 3.2.0-3] Assign 'Author' role by default

Correct me if I’m wrong. In 3.2.0-1 when users signed up they were assigned the ‘author’ role by default and after logging in they were redirected to the Dashboard where they could add a new submission.

In 3.2.0-3 when signing up the ‘author’ role is not automatically assigned and when logging in users stay on index page. When clicking on their username and choosing “Dashboard” they are redirected to “View Profile” and not “Dashboard” unless they check the ‘author’ role themselves.

I personally find this behaviour annoying since it adds extra steps and I would rather have it as before: “author” role assigned by default and when logging in be redirected to “Dashboard”.

Before: same procedure for all, now different procedures depending on whether someone has already submitted or not. Also clicking ‘Dashboard’ and getting ‘profile’ instead is irritating.

Any help would be appreciated.

Any thoughts about this? Why isn’t the ‘author’ role assigned by default upon registration?