[OJS 3.1] [Themes] Problem with them at site level

Hello all, anyone,

After we returned our production site to OJS 3.1, our custom theme is not being loaded correctly on site level.

I updated the plugin, made modifications, but I can’t figure out why some parts are showing at journal levels and not at site level.

If anyone can provide pointers as to where to look to find out what the problem is…

Site level - HEADER issues

Site level - Footer issues

**Journal 1 - Header **

Journal level - journal 1 - Header as it should be

Journals 1 and 2 - Footer as it should be

Hello anyone,

I just noticed that the footer is not being displayed at site level at all.
Checked the code for ojs3/templates/frontend/pages/ indexSite.tpl and indexJournal.tpl and both have the same header and footer calls.

HI @ramon,

Are there any relevant errors in PHP log and browser’s console?