[OJS 3.1]"Reference" at bottom of TOC in LENS


I have been using LENS modified by @ajnyga with JatsParser by @Vitaliy.
In the html view (JATs XML rendered by eLens to html), I get “Reference” at the bottom of TOC with just the title “Reference” in Main text.

I think there should not be Reference at TOC and main text as there is a seperate pane for references.
Screenshot below:

My xml code is as below:

			<ref id="bib1">


I had the similar problem with @ajnyga’s modifications. Eventually, we refused from Lens Viewer plugin completely. We already have our JATS XML articles visualized as HTML, don’t see the need for duplication.

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I am not sure if that is coming from the new lens version? I do not think that I made any changes related to that. I just added support for OJS images and a back button. The rest is coming from the actual lens library.

You could check GitHub - asmecher/lensGalley: Galley viewer plugin integrating eLife Lens for OJS 3.0 which is, to my knowledge, also updated to version 2.0. Do you see the same problem with that? Mine is using the dev version, because it supports footnotes, but I think that they merged dev to stable branch in summer. Maybe Alec is using that version.

Editing lens output is fairly complicated and like vitaliy above, I do not see much point in supporting it. Especially since 2.0 is not mobile friendly. In general this is a low priority issue for me because at the moment out of the 60 journals we have only one is using JATS XML.

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Thanks @ajnyga,
I tried @asmecher’s lensGalley in my localhost but it is not loading my galley at all.
I will live with what I have.
And as per your and @Vitaliy’s advice, I will discuss in the editorial board and may gradually leave lensGalley at all.


Ok, I think that he is using the ready release from lens. They have a lot of filters that only apply to eLife articles. One of those filters reads the publisher info that is expected to be eLife (the whole filter is here lens/elife_converter.js at master · elifesciences/lens · GitHub) But of course you do not want to change the publisher in your JATS XML document.

What I did was that I created a release that removed those eLife filters altogether and I added some of my own. See “Make your own Lens” here GitHub - elifesciences/lens: A novel way of seeing content.

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Hi I was able to solve this

I will upload the lens galley on githib and will post the link here

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GitHub - varshilmehta/lensGalley: JMRI's version of Galley viewer plugin integrating eLife Lens for OJS 3.1 Try this and let me know, if it works.

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Hi @varshilmehta,
It works, the “Reference” word does not appear at bottom of TOC and at bottom of Text.

But, it had two issues:

  1. No back button
  2. I have uploaded all the images as dependent file and this viewers does not render them. I suppose this lens supports absolute links only.

So, I would still live with @ajnyga’s lens.

Warm regards.

Yes, because I have not added those features yet. I have very limited time, so if any one of you wants to add those features, then this would be a perfect thing.

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