[OJS 3.1] No place to upload revision file by authors

Greetings, (@asmecher, @astevens, @israel.cefrin)

We got a notice from an author that she is not able to upload revision file. She did not get the place to upload revision files. The workflow was in review stage and editor found some gross problem and asked author to upload a revision file after correction.

When i logged in as the author, I also could not find a place (button) to upload revised manuscript neither under submission nor under review.
Screenshots attached below. Looking for help


Hi @anupent

It looks like editor has some reviews to still assess (as your screenshot 2 shows).
Could you check if reviewing it she is not able yet to submit asked revisions?

Israel Cefrin
Public Knowledge Project Team

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Thanks @israel.cefrin,
After editor’s decison as “Revision required”, author is able to upload revisions but not upload under “Submission”.

Is it expected to work this way. Suppose, editor asks authro to submit “IRB approval letter” or a copy of “Questionnaire used in stuyd” or “datasheet” etc, where would the author upload it?