OJS 3.1, Multi-journal, email not sending on one journal

I am using multi-journal OJS3.1, and one of the journals does not send emails and notifications. All others are OK.
They all have the same configuration.
I am wondering what is the problem?
Thank you very much.

Please check again did you specify contact, copy of mail address for that journal.

Hi @vvucic
Thank you for the reply.
I have checked the contact. Not only the auto emails, even when I notified the authors or the editors, emails didn’t send.

Are you sure that mail is not sent? Or, recipient did not receive it?
Please create one test account in Users and Roles and send mail to that user. Do not make user with hotmail or gmail account and try to send. Use one account that surely receives from other journal.

Thank you, I solved the problem.
I filled the bounce address with the correct email, and the email was sent.

Yes, OJS does not send mail per journal. SO, if one journal can send all of them should send. I have had recently one issue that editor forgot to complete one filed as in your case and everything went well after that.

Good luck!