OJS 3.1 issn field errors

We are setting up a new journal site using OJS 3.1. We get an error message from the ISSN field after saving:
“Errors occurred processing this form - the specified ISSN is not valid”
The ISSNs are in the usual 8 digit format. I have tried no spaces, one space between four digits and a dash between the four. None of those work.

Hi @LuqmanH,

This user had a similar problem: Invalid ISSN error message - #2 by asmecher

Does typing the dash instead of copying and pasting it create a valid ISSN?

Amanda Stevens
Public Knowledge Project Team


We have this exact same problem, running I’ve tried copy and pasting and typing manually - neither worked.


Sorry just noticed this is an old thread, should this be a new thread?

Just cleared by Cache and it’s working now :slight_smile: