[OJS 3.1] How to communicate with all registered users via email?

My journal publishes incrementally, meaning that new articles are added to an open issue as soon as they are ready. In previous 2-point versions of OJS I used the notify-users-of-a-new-issue option to send an email notification that a new article had been published. Google Analytics showed that these notifications drove traffic to the site.

How can I continue to communicate with all registered users via email in OJS 3.1?


We have the same problem.

Currently, this can be done via the “Announcement” function. You create a new announcement and check the box ‘send email’. However, this will send an email to all registered users (not only readers but also reviewers, editors and authors) and this email will only contain the text ‘an announcement has been created at journal x’. Unfortunately, it does not contain the content of the announcement and the recipient has to visit the journal’s website to check.
We have switched on the RSS feed plugin and invited our readers to take that option.

Thanks for your reply, Heike.

I’m unfamiliar with how the RSS feed works. Does it display on your homepage? What’s the name of your journal? I’d like to take a look.


Hi Nancy,

one of the journals I am involved in is the Journal of Applied Botany and Food Quality. I am Managing Editor of this one and site administrator of the whole multi-journal installation.
To enable RSS feeds, you have to activate the plugin at your journal. The user then has to install a feed reader of their choice (I have this as an add-on in my browser) and enter the web address of your journal’s RSS feed. Every time you publish a new article, their feed reader will give an alert and show a new message (including title and abstract of the new article). I use my feed reader to follow other journals and blogs, so I don’t have to check their websites by hand and keep the messages out of my email inbox.