OJS 3.1 How to change the title of the Notify template

I am using OJS 3.1, when I need to notify the author, the subject line has only two options.

  1. “A new message regarding xxx” with empty content and 2. a prepared email template.
    Is it possible to change the title of the “A new message regarding xxx”? or leave it blank.
    Thank you very much.

Hi @mujiec

Unfortunately, currently there is no other possibility:
You can leave the subject empty, but then the e-mail will only have the journal initials in the subject, that are always added, when sending an e-mail. And the corresponding discussion entry will have “=” as its name.
Thus you could only create a new e-mail template, that you could then use at that place.


Thank you very much. I created a few new templates, but I do not know how to use the template.
I want to create a template for authors.
Please help.
Thank you.

Hi @mujiec

When you create an e-mail template in Settings > Workflow > Emails, you should see that e-mail template when using the “Notify” function in the “Participants” grid. I.e. you can expand the arrow close to the author in the participants grid, click notify and then choose your e-mail template.

Does it work for you?


Thank you for your reply. It doesn’t work. When I create a template, it does not appear in the subject list when I “Notify” any participants.
I want to create a template to notify the authors.
Thank you very much.

Hi @mujiec:thinking:

Hmmm… that is strange…

How did you created that template? Do you see in in the list of your e-mail templates under Settings > Workflow > Emails?


@bozana Hi, Thank you for your reply.
Yes, I set the template under Settings > Workflow > Emails. I did not find it in the selection when I try to send a notify message.

Hmmm… I do not further @mujiec… What OJS version exactly are you using?

EDIT: Ah, I see it is 3.1, where this should work for sure…
Look at this issue for example – it says that the custom e-mail template is listed in the selection/dropdown box, but the e-mail body could not be displayed: Multilingual custom email template does not apply to email body · Issue #3444 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub.
But for you, the e-mail template is not even listed :open_mouth:

Hi @bozana,

I would like to jump into this discussion, because one of our editors indicated, that he produces empty discussion with subject field “=”
It seems that this happens, when a new notification is not closed properly, but when I go back via the browser. Is there a way to get rid of this behavour?

Moreover we have empty e-mail templates in our system since the migration to v3.1:


I can’t find these empty templates under settings -> workflow -> e-mails. Is it possible to delete these templates directly in the database?


How this would happened?Why the template is not listed?

I “solved” it in my OJS filling directly databases:

  • email_templates
  • email_templates_default
  • email_templates_default_data
  • email_templates_data