OJS 3.1 - Email Do Not Work

Hi all,

The email facility in my OJS 3.1 suddenly did not work. None of the recipient received email from OJS system in any activity (submission, registration, review, etc).
However, previously (about 1 month ago) the email was work properly. I did not make any change in the email setting or in config.inc.php ; What should I do?

Thank you

Hi @ijnp,

Your mail server probably changed its handling of email delivery. Unfortunately OJS typically won’t be aware of whether emails are really delivered or not, so you’ll have to check your mail server. See whether OJS is configured to use local delivery or SMTP (look for the smtp option in config.inc.php); that’ll tell you what server you need to check the delivery logs on.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team