OJS 3.1 Add a menu item (primary menu), not clickable (only for a drop down list)

Hello there,

I am setting up my journal and I am now in the stage of creating a series of static pages in which declare all the “policies” aspect: open-access, ethical code, archiving, research integrity, informations for authors, editors, reviewers etc.
So in order to do that, I woud like to add to the main menu a menu item called “our policies”, under which I will display all the menu sub-items to the Static pages I have created. However, I would not like the “Policies” menu item to be clickable as a page, but only to use it as a “mouseover” to show the dropdown list with the revenant pages (those will be clickable, of course). Would you know how could I reach to do that? I have managed to create it using the menu editor, but only as a page itself, and so it becomes unfortunately clickable, which I would not need and I would like to avoid.
I would really appreciate any kind of help for this.
With best regards

ps.: I try to attach two screenshots, which may show the situation I am referring to.58 22

Hi @leonardo.mancini,

Can you specify OJS version that you are using? Also, do you want to change the behavior of the parent navigation item in the Classic theme? As I see from the demo, if navigation item has children, its behavior changes and the link is prevented from beeing followed on click; it only shows submenus.

I have the same issue how can i make a navigation item not clickable?