OJS 3.1-3.2: New submission assignment

I have the role of Journal Manager and am primary contact in all my journals: when a new submission is received a receive copy of the confirmation email to the author as set in the config for submission (Send a copy to the primary contact, identified in the Journal Settings = YES).
However, in all journals I must assign myself to the submission to see it in my queue, but in one of them, I am AUTOMATICALLY assigned to the submission. I don’t understand why…
Can anyone help me on this?

Hi @lsteele

If you’re using journal sections, and you’ve added a section editor or someone with that role to that section, and the are the only section editor for that category, they will automatically be assigned to submissions in that section. Could that be the case?


Hi Jason,
I double checked and no this is not the case. Also I took care to replicate the config for all journals, so it is odd that one journal would behave different. Also, I receive the ms in my queue without performing an assignment, but I am definitely not a section editor. Any other suggestions or check I can do? is is something to do with the primary contact notification? I am keen to see it work well.

Hi @lsteele,

In journals where there is only one users assigned to a specific role such as Journal Manager and Section Editor they get automatically assigned to new submissions. As soon as a secondary user is added to the role it requires manual assignment.

There is currently an open request to improve this functionality - [OJS] Automatically assign journal editor stage assigment with section settings · Issue #4457 · pkp/pkp-lib · GitHub. Please feel free to add any additional comments you may have regarding this.

Kind Regards,
Patricia M.

thanks Patricia,
this has cleared it!! now I understand…

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