[OJS 3.1.2] Redirecting behaviour of Import/Export plugins

I find the current behaviour of the Import/Export plugins confusing. Call me dumb, but I have used THREE of them extensively via “Settings → Website settings → Plugins” before I was made aware that they are supposed to be accessed via “Tools → Import/Export”.
IMHO, there are two issues at work: The first is a psychological one: after the first install/activitation of one of these plugins, the user (me, at least) first accesses it via the plugin menu and then assumes that this is the correct way. The second is that the redirecting process happening then is not transparent.
Therefore, I would suggest to make these plugins not directly accessible via the plugin menu at all but redirect the user only to “Tools → Import/Export”. Then they would know what is happening and where to look for in the future. This would have helped me, at least.

Thanks @muellerscheessel. Plugin discovery, activation and use would really benefit from UX improvements. We just haven’t been able to prioritize this work yet.