[OJS 3.1.2] How to put the date of acceptance of the article in the page

I would like to adjust the OJS so that it automatically puts on the article page, the date of acceptance of the article (the date on which the editorial decision to accept the article). I use version 3.1.2 of OJS.

If possible I would like a more didactic and clear explanation of what I could do, since I am not aware of programming.
I tried to install the plugin available at GitHub - ajnyga/dates, but activating it occurs “HTTP ERROR 500”.

What I was able to do was put the submission date.
In the file: templates> frontend> objects> article.details.tpl I put in line 254:

{if $article->getDateSubmitted()} coloquei na linha 254:

<div class="item published">

<div class="label">

{translate key="submissions.submitted.date"}


<div class="value">





Already in the file: classes> article> article.inc.php I put:

function getFormattedDateSubmitted() {
return date(‘j F Y’, strtotime($this->getDateSubmitted()));

function getFormattedDatePublished() {
return date(‘j F Y’, strtotime($this->getDatePublished()));

However, I still have not figured out how to put the date of acceptance of the article, this seems to be more complex. If anyone knows, it would be great!

I wanted to appear just above the “Published” in the right corner.



The way templates are handled changed in 3.1.2. That plugin has not been updated to support the new template calls.

edit: I updated the plugin GitHub - ajnyga/dates. Note that it was originally just a proof of concept meaning that I have not paid much attention on how the data is shown on the article page. Feel free to fork the code and develop further.

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Hi @ajnyga

Thanks a lot for a nice plugin. It is of great help. However, I found an issue. During upgradation of OJS from to, I corrupted database and have to upload each article through quicksubmit. Now, each article shows date of submission as current day on which it is uploaded and published the previous date when it was published. Can this plugin be customized in a way wherein we can manually feed the date of submission, date of revision and date of acceptance. Date of publication ca be fed during publication schedule. I am not an IT expert. However, I believe, a lot of users will be benefited if this can be done