OJS 3.1.2 and QuickSubmit Plugin not working properly


I just installed new OJS 3.1.2 and I should import many PDF files to Archive (old issues) from old type of www site.

I tried QuickSubmit Plugin - newest versions for OJS 3.1.2 Releases · pkp/quickSubmit · GitHub

It had installed but not working properly i.e. I fill all the form’s cells (with “published article” too), but when I click “Save”, the page with Quick Submit plugin doesn’t go to the “continue”. BUT when I go to the “applications page”, the article is there, but only basic form with “not complete application” info.

An article should appear at once in the old issue, as in earlier versions…

Anyone had similar problem and solved it?
Or there is another WORKING version of QuickSubmit plugin for OJS 3.1.2?

Hi @AiA1,

Check your PHP error log for details.

Alec Smecher
Public Knowledge Project Team

that problem also occurs in our journals. After QuickSubmit for OJS 3.1.2 is installed and we try to use it, it always stops with timeouts. The results are stored but are always incomplete.