(OJS 3.1.2) Add a PDF link on the search page

How can I do to add a PDF link in articles resulting from a search?
What I want to do is that when you do a search, in the list of results, in addition to the name of the article, the author, the pages and the date of publication the PDF link appears.
I am working with OJS 3.1.2
Thank you

In the default templates, the search results uses the article summary for display:

This template is defined here:

You would need to modify or override one or the other of these templates, depending on if you want every article summary to show galley links, or if you want only the search results to display galley links.

An example of a template showing the galley links and published date is here:

Thanks @ctgraham , based on your explanations, I realized that right on the line that points to me in search.tpl I could modify the hideGalleys = true parameter. Simply modifying hideGalleys = false the PDF link is already displayed.
Thank you very much, request resolved