[OJS] Workflow issues

Hello all, @asmecher , @ctgraham, @NateWr

Does OJS prevent other participants access to previous documents once the submission has been sent to the next stage?

We are having problems with our copyediting stage.
We send the articles for references and citations normalization, then to copyediting.

Those who performed the citations and references normalization were able to download and submit their version through OJS.

Copyeditors are shown the following JSON message on screen when trying to download the normalized file (either on the edited section or the top list of submission files)
The current role does not have access to this operation.

These submissions have been assigned to a future issue, and copyeditors are able to view the file that’s in that stage, but it’s not the normalized version, as it’s been assigned after review stage approval.

Do we have to send the file to the final stage for the workflow to work? What can we do?

I don’t recall experiencing this issue before, but not really sure if we proceeded offline most of the time with this stage.

I’ve searched, but none of the posts offer a real solution… I think…

Hi @ramon,

The stages of the editorial workflow that a given user in a particular role has access to is setup in the role settings: Chapter 10: Users and Roles

Have you checked to see that the user has been assigned access to the stage where these activities are occuring?

PKP Team

Hello @rcgillis ,

Yes… I’ve checked the copyeditor and normalizer roles. Both have been added to the final stages of the editorial process (copyediting and publishin - I’m not sure if those are the English terms as we use Portuguese).

One reviewer has access to the files, while the other don’t.
I’m clueless as to where to look for any solution.