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One of our journal teams wants articles to be available in 4 different languages, all the translations will be done off the system and the language of the journal site will remain in English as it is now. LINK 2021 Practice-led Research Conference Proceedings

The original language versions (mainly English) will be added first via quick submit. In turn a DOI assigned and automatically sent to Crossref.

From my understanding, we will need to add each translated version as a separate submission as to get its own DOI as required by Crossref and to acknowledge the work of the translator (DOIs for Translation/Version - Metadata Manager - The Crossref Community Forum). Under author metadata on OJS we will identify the translator and author.

Reading through the forum and from my own tests on our test site, I can display the translator role on the TOC but not the article page (without extra work Mix with authors, co-authors and translators - #12 by ctgraham).

Is it possible to display translator metadata automatically on the article page yet? (maybe a later OJS version)

Are there any ‘is translation of’ fields available yet so when we submit to Crossref the metadata shows that it is a translation and differentiates between the author and translator https://forum.pkp.sfu.ca/t/article-translator-field-in-metadata/934/2; CrossRef export: contributor_role="translator" is not used - #4

For now I assume that for each translated article I have to either cancel the auto DOI deposit, and deposit each manually into metadata manager so that the correct translation information metadata information is showing (alternatively submit them automatically and edit them in metadata manager). If it’s possible to avoid this time-consuming job I’d be most appreciative. DOIs for Translation/Version - #10 by edamasio - Metadata Manager - The Crossref Community Forum

(I know there are already threads on the forum already but they are very jumbled and some quite old!)


My impression is currently there’s no automated option, you’d have to deposit the XML manually. Isaac from CrossRef offered a mockup of the hasTranslation/isTranslationOf relation if you need help with the XML:


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