[OJS] Should "Send to Review" send an email?

We are running OJS and noticed that when clicking “Sent to review” an email doesn’t get sent to the author.
I searched the email_log table and have confirmed nothing get’s sent.
We were under the impression that the email template “Editor Decision Send To External” was to be sent. Are we wrong? Is the intention not to send an email? or is there a setting somewhere i’m missing?

Hi @jhennig,

it should if you don’t select “Do not send email” in the reviewer selection form and email settings are valid.

Are other emails being sent withour problems?

Regards, Primož

Thanks for the reply. Yes all other emails are sent fine. There is no form to select reviewers as the submission is not yet in the review stage. When I click “Send to review” all I get is the image below. I am logged in as an administrator that is impersonating an editor. I’m not sure if that would affect the result. If so I would think that is a bug.


Hi all, I have the same issue. I will look for an answer beyond this query but if anyone can tell me if this has been resolved/answered I’d like to know the outcome.

Many thanks,